Marriott testing smartphone-based hotel check-ins

Marriott testing smartphone-based hotel check-ins


When you’ve had a long day in meetings and on airplanes, nothing is more annoying than having to wait in a never-ending line to check in to your hotel. Marriott is working on a way to make this far less painful. They are testing a system that lets you check in on the way to the hotel using your Windows Mobile smartphone.

Users have to download mobility software from Marriott which then lets them use their device to check in, change their room if they want, confirm their rates and receive welcome information. When they arrive at the hotel, an automated dispenser is waiting to spit out their keys and they are in business. The software even remembers the data that has been entered, so you don’t have to start from scratch if your signal is interrupted.

Marriott is currently testing this system at just one hotel. By pure coincidence, the test of a system relying on Windows Mobile is happening in Redmond, Washington.