Lenovo to install Linux on ThinkPads

Lenovo to install Linux on ThinkPads


SLED is coming to ThinkPad.

Lenovo, the Chinese company that bought IBM’s ThinkPad branding operation, is bringing Linux to its laptops. Specifically, the company will install and support the SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10, or SLED 10. This is a significant breakthrough in that the software drivers needed to run the Linux OS will be included. In the past, when ThinkPads were dominated by Windows, a user could get Linux to work only by doing the work himself. Now, Lenovo will do the work for you.

The list of available drivers includes graphics processors, Ethernet and wireless networking modules, and other crucial functions. Along with this dedication to Linux and its drivers will come technical support to back it up. So if you’re running a ThinkPad on Linux and you have a problem, you can actually get someone on the other end of the phone who can help solve your problem.

This is not to say that Windows will disappear from the ThinkPad scene. It will be included, of course. But it will not be the only option available in full.