Keeping it simple with Arlinktech PMP-253

Keeping it simple with Arlinktech PMP-253


Sometimes, you don’t want 20 gigabytes (or more) of space on your portable media viewer. Sometimes, you don’t want a big, vibrant, 4-inch (or bigger) display to watch your home movie collection. Instead, you might want to keep things simple, cheap, and functional. That’s when you would consider something like the PMP-253 from Arlinktech. As its name implies, it’s a PMP with a 2.5-inch screen, and it very well could be as no-frills as it gets for a video player.

There’s only 128MB of on-board memory, so you will most definitely need to make use of your SD and MMC memory card collection (it’s got a reader) to get any kind of adequate storage on this puppy. To load up the files, simply make use of the USB connector, or record new stuff with the line-in. One major plus is that the PMP-253 has plenty of file support, include pictures, music (MP3, WMA, WAV) and video (MPEG-1/2/4, DivX, XviD, RM, AVI, MPG, VOB). Heck, it even mentions games!

No word on pricing, but it is available now in China.