Babylon nG – encryption software for your mobile phone

Babylon nG – encryption software for your mobile phone


Good news for celebrities, diplomats, or aspiring spies: you can now make encrypted calls on a regular mobile phone. Babylon nG is some software that is due to be released in the U.K. by One Day Mobile.

It has been developed by One Day Mobile in partnership with German partner Safe-com and military partners. Once the software is installed on any 2.5G to 3.5G phone, some or all of the conversations can be encrypted.

There is, of course, a catch. The encrypted data is not sent over the voice channel, but rather it is sent as data over the GPRS network. That will limit the locations you can use the software, and it may also create problems with smooth, continuous transmissions. In other words, your security may come at the cost of jerky, delayed calls. It’s not easy being a spy.

There’s no word if Babylon nG will be available outside of Britain any time soon.