African-Italian partnership to re-imagine Strada supercar

African-Italian partnership to re-imagine Strada supercar


The Strada is back.

The design of the legendary Italian GT supercar is at the heart of a new creation from the African Automotive Design Association. Lead designer Jonathan Kasumba, known for his tribal mask-inspired designs, has borrowed concepts from Gioto Bizzarrini’s 1969 masterpiece, the 5300 GT Strada. The result promises to be a melding of both ideas and engineering.

The picture is a preliminary sketch drawn by Kasumba. The finished product will have similar elements, but perhaps not all of them. The New Strada certainly shows the influence of the masks, which focus on the car’s front, or “face”.

The AADA is working in conjunction with the Italian Engineering Group, headed by Leone Martellucci.

You can see a photo of the original Bizzarrini Strada GT 5300 here.