Verizon attacks low-end with Kyocera K323

Verizon attacks low-end with Kyocera K323


It’s not all about multi-megapixel cameras and powerful media players. Sometimes, a cell phone should just be a communication device, and not much more than that. That seems to be the minimalist philosophy behind the low-tech Kyocera K323, apparently destined for Verizon’s line-up. They haven’t issued any information about this phone that is “coming soon”, but you should expect a bargain basement price point.

The flip phone rocks a basic VGA camera, a less-than-huge 160×128 internal display, and a simple 96 x 16 external display. It’s also got an internal antenna… but that’s about it. However, some say that Kyocera’s user-interface is one of the best in the business, so the K323 could be quite the viable option for those of you looking for an easy-to-use, functional, reliable handset at an affordable price.

Myself, I’ll keep drooling over the Nokia N93.