USRobotics unveils two new Skype phones

USRobotics unveils two new Skype phones


USRobotics has come up with a couple more ways for us to easily use Skype, but the two new phones that they unveiled both lack a catchy name: the USR9602 and USR9601A.

The USR9602 is also known as the USB Mini Internet Phone. You can plug it into either the USB 1.1 or 2.0 ports on your computer and use it to access any of Skype’s features, including SkypeOut and Skype Caller ID.

The USR9601A operates about the same as the 9602, but its other name – USB Internet Phone – gives a clue that it isn’t nearly as small as its cousin.

The 9602 phone has a shiny red cover that will have you dreaming of candy apples as you use them. The larger phone is already available for $49.99, while the smaller phone does not yet have a price (presumably less) or a release date. Both phones have been certified by Skype.