Teac issues pair of slim iPod-ready stereos

Teac issues pair of slim iPod-ready stereos


Looking at television sets, cellular phones, and other personal electronics, you’ll quickly discover that slim is in these days. It’s not about going small; it’s about going skinny. Teac has enthusiastically adopted the ultra-thin mantra with their new stereo systems. The CD-X10i and MC-DX221i are both NXT-enabled CD players that come with docks for your Apple player.

The players themselves boast very minimalist designs, with little more than a small, multi-function, backlit LCD display to keep you informed of what’s going on. The stereo speakers are just as skinny, with only the accompanying subwoofer rocking a bit of girth.

As far as support, you’ll find love for CDs, MP3 CDs, CD-Rs, and CD-RWs, as well as a built-in AM/FM radio, digital clock with timer, and a stereo mini jack so you can blast out tunes from your other digital audio players.

The $249 CD-X10i should ship this month, whereas the $299 MC-DX22i will go on sale next month.