More people using mobile internet more often

More people using mobile internet more often


It’s not surprising that more people are accessing the ‘mobile internet’. It has to make providers happy that once people start using the mobile services, they get drawn in and their usage quickly increases.

A study by Telephia recorded 34.6 million users in June, which is a jump of 6 percent from 32.7 million users the firm counted in January. The popularity growth can be measured by the number of visits users make each month. In January, the average was 31.4 user sessions, while that jumped up to 34.3 sessions in June.

Not surprisingly, the popular destinations for mobile internet were similar to regular internet usage. Leading the way was Yahoo! Mail with 6.51 million users, or 3% of subscribers. Behind that were The Weather Channel at 5.9 million, followed by, Google, and Hotmail, with Mapquest, AOL Mail, CNN, Yahoo! Weather and Yahoo! Search rounding out the top ten. One site that is rapidly growing in users is Jamdat, the provide of mobile games.