Leaked: Sirius Stiletto 100 – portable live radio

Leaked: Sirius Stiletto 100 – portable live radio


Sirius and XM are in a war which will likely ultimately kill one of them. Up to this point, XM has had a real advantage over Sirius on at least one front – Sirius hasn’t offered live satellite radio on the go when you are outside of your car, while XM has with the Inno and Helix. Sirius seems poised to narrow that gap with their new Stiletto 100.

Besides playing live radio, the device will have storage for 100 hours of Sirius programming and a further 50 hours that you have downloaded from other sources. It also seems to have WiFi to give you more options. Battery life is good for 22 hours of recorded playback, but just four hours of live radio.

When it hits store shelves, the Stiletto is expected to cost $399. There is no specific word on availability because Sirius has not yet acknowledged that the device actually exists.