iGroove – iPod compatible panties

iGroove – iPod compatible panties


I’m not convinced that anyone actually needs a pair of tiny lace panties that are iPod nano compatible, but I am fully supportive of anyone who wants to wear a pair. I encourage it, in fact.

The iGroove Panty for iPod nano is, in fact, made of black lace with a white ribbon trim and a pink accent bow. There is a small pocket on the panties which is designed to hold a nano, but can also be used to hold money, a key or whatever else you need to carry when you are wandering around in your underwear. The pocket is removable if you need a smoother, more aerodynamic look.

The panties come in a gift box, so they are ready to be given away or kept for yourself. They come in one size that fits all (though it should be said that any man who wears them should make sure that they are alone at the time). Each pair costs $12.95.