Guide: How to travel safely with your laptop

Guide: How to travel safely with your laptop


The world changed a little bit last week when the Brits foiled the latest terrorist plot. One side effect is that electronics can’t be taken on many flights, and they likely won’t be for a while. That means that people who travel with laptops may now have to check their favorite tools. It takes some preparation to do that safely. Here are a few tips to deal with that situation and to make sure that your laptop survives the baggage hold.

  1. Wrap your laptop in foam or bubble wrap and then put your laptop bag inside of another piece of luggage for extra protection.
  2. Carry a thumb drive with you, full of crucial data in case your laptop gets lost or delayed.
  3. Invest in asset tracking and recovery software or remote data protection software to make sure your data doesn’t get into the wrong hands.
  4. Use good luggage locks on the suitcase.

There will obviously be lots of tips out there these days to deal with this situation. These are just a few to get you started.