Arc Wireless Freedom Antenna boosts cell phone signals

Arc Wireless Freedom Antenna boosts cell phone signals


We’ve all seen those little sticker things that they throw in as “bonus items” in certain eBay auctions. They claim that they can boost your cell phone signal and give you better reception everywhere you go, but for all intents and purposes, they really do nothing substantial. This new product, however, is a heck of a lot more beefy and might actually be useful.

The Arc Wireless Freedom Antenna is being touted as a “dependable, cost-effective solution to the problem of dropped or low-quality wireless calls.” It doesn’t look like the most portable device out there, so it is best suited for locations where you will find yourself most often (your home, your car, or other places where “reception may be a problem”).

We haven’t received any word concerning price or availability, but we here at Mobile Magazine will be putting the Arc Wireless Freedom Antenna to the test in the weeks to come. Look for a review of this product on this site soon, seeing whether it really can “maximize clear, continuous transmission of cellular calls.”