Aquagate – Music and much more… in your shower

Aquagate – Music and much more… in your shower


If I want to listen to music when I’m having a shower, I have to stick a stereo outside the bathroom door and turn it up loud. If I had the Aquagate shower from Villeroy & Boch installed in my house, listening to music while I bathe would be an experience. I’d never get out of the shower.

The giant glass rectangle comes in two sizes – a large 90cm x 100cm or a mansion-like 100cm x 130cm. Waterproof touchscreen displays on both sides of the glass let you control the music, and built-in speakers make sure that you can hear the tunes.

Within your glass paradise, you can choose from steam baths, mists or even streams of different temperatures if that’s what makes you happy. You can coordinate the watery selection to the music so your aural experience can become a full body treat.

There are also preset settings for waking up and cooling down, or aroma and light therapy. The non-glass part of the shower unit can be had in teak, Italian limestone or aluminum. There is no price information, which obviously means it is incredibly expensive.