Segway unveils two new scooters

Segway unveils two new scooters


It’s been quite a while since the Segway was launched under great fanfare. It was supposed to change the world, but it hasn’t impacted my life yet. Maybe the two new scooters that the company unveiled today will change that.

The next generation of the Segway scooters have some new technology. If you want to turn in one direction you can just lean in that direction instead of using the handlebar, which is now stripped of all electronics and wires. The new Segways do come with a wireless device, though, that lets you start your device from a distance, even alerting you if someone messes with your scooter when you aren’t around.

The new scooters look more futuristic and sleeker than the current model. They will be available for a starting price of $4,995. If you are tired of being tied to the sidewalks and smooth floors with your Segway you may be more interested in the new off-road version, which will start for $5,495. The older versions of the Segway will no longer be made, but they will still be supported.