Samsung SCH-B470 with picture-in-picture DMB

Samsung SCH-B470 with picture-in-picture DMB


As if it wasn’t enough that they have to taunt us with a large rotating displays and DMB viewing enjoyment, Samsung has now added Picture in Picture functionality to their latest clamshell, the SCH-B470. Now you can catch two of your favorite Korean soaps at the same time.

Granted there are only twelve S-DMB channels available at this time, but sometimes it’s hard to decide what you want to watch. Switching between the main and “sub-screen” is easy, as is splitting the display in half so that the “sub-screen” takes up half of your total viewing area.

Other key selling points (do you really need any other ones) include a swivelling 2 megapixel camera, rotating 2.2-inch LCD, and “my pet” game.

Expect the Samsung SCH-B470 to hit SK Telecom dealers this week with the SRP set at a not so cheap 700,000 KRW (US$728).