SafeBoot protects and encrypts your mobile device

SafeBoot protects and encrypts your mobile device


The more that mobile devices are able to do — from photo taking to word processing — and the more memory power that manufacturers put in them, the more important it will be to find ways to secure and protect the confidential, private data contained within. SafeBoot seems to be a positive step in that direction.

The Safeboot Device Encryption for Windows Mobile-powered devices requires two levels of authentication before the system will boot: both the user and the machine have to be authenticated.

SafeBoot has several other security features as well. It enables secure hibernation. All pre-boot events are logged and you can trigger an optional data bomb if that becomes necessary. You don’t have to worry about forgetting to use the software or setting it up properly either: it transparently and automatically encrypts the internal data, files, databases and memory cards anytime the device is turned on or off.