PSP gets 2.1 treatment from Gear4 SonicBoom

PSP gets 2.1 treatment from Gear4 SonicBoom


On-board speakers not exactly up to snuff? Then, go ahead rock the kasbah with these new SonicBoom speakers from Gear4. While designed with the PSP in mind, they are perfectly compatible with any number of other media devices, including the ubiquitous Apple iPod.

As the SonicBoom is a 2.1 stereo speaker system, you’ll get your regular two channels of sound, in addition to a ground-shaking (or at least desk-rattling) sub-woofer with ActiveBass technology. While the PSP is comfortably docked in the SonicBoom, it gets its battery charged up for your next portable gaming session. The cable connectors are a full two metres, allowing you to still get your game on while enjoying the sound blasting from the SonicBoom speakers.

Available in either black or white (as expected), the Gear4 SonicBoom should be hitting store shelves next month with an asking price of about 100 smackaroos.