O2 to get i-mode capable LG L343i mobile phone?

O2 to get i-mode capable LG L343i mobile phone?


Normally, we associate i-mode mobile web with the crew at NTT DoCoMo in Japan, but the standard has picked up steam in several other countries (through various licensing agreements and whatnot), including Germany, France, Australia, and Israel. Don’t quote me on this, but by the looks of things, O2 of the UK might be picking up a new i-mode clamshell some time soon in the form of the LG L343i.

The brushed metal body is certainly a little different from the rest of the phones you find on the market these days. While the L343i throws down Bluetooth, Java, and MMS with the best of them, LG seems to be coming up a little short in the camera department as this handset only has a VGA shooter. Disappointing, I know, but at least you got high-speed mobile internet, right?

Weighing in at 86 grams, sporting a 128 x 160 TFT display, and rocking an internal antenna, the LG L343i should become available at some point, but since we haven’t seen a pic with O2 badging yet, you blokes in the UK shouldn’t be holding your breath on this one.