Nissan Sport Concept, perfect for the tuners

Nissan Sport Concept, perfect for the tuners


This car really looks like it could be a big hit with the “tuner” culture that is quickly growing in North America. While their Versa is geared more with fuel economy and city driving in mind, Nissan’s Sport Concept is a different beast altogether. Yes, it’s compact, but it’s certainly got a much more aggressive look to it, especially considering the huge 20-inch aluminum alloy wheels.

The Nissan Sport Concept seems to mash together smooth lines with rigid edges, and as such, is said to combine “shapes and forms that are both geometrical and mechanical in feel.” On the inside, there is seating for four, but if you really want to let it rip, you know that there’ll only be seating for one.

You’ll find metal and carbon fiber elements throughout, and they’ve made use of “small lamps with multi-layered reflectors” for the headlights and “rear combination lights”. And let’s not forget about the unique exhaust pipe set up (check out the video below for that).