Flipclips creates flipbook out of video files

Flipclips creates flipbook out of video files


Here’s a portable video player that never runs out of battery power, slips seamlessly into your pocket, and can easily withstand being dropped. It doesn’t have any onboard memory and the sound is non-existent, though.

A website called Flipclips will take a video clip that you sent it and turn it into one of those flipbooks you used to play with when you were a kid. You just have to quickly flip the pages with your thumb to see your pictures spring to life.

Flipclips can make you a book in three different sizes. The 3.5 inch wide book has 75 pages, can handle a 15 second clip, and starts at $9. A jump to 4.25 inches wide means you only get 50 pages and ten seconds, and it costs $11. Finally, the deluxe storybook version is 4.5 inches wide and can play a 30 second clip for $19. The prices can be lower if you buy a larger quantity, so you could make a book for all of your friends.