FCC smiles on Samsung SGH-P906

FCC smiles on Samsung SGH-P906


It’s not slim, it’s not a slider, and it doesn’t seem to pack in any DMB-watching capability. Explain to me again how this is a Samsung phone? Oh yes, it’s because it’s destined for the US that it doesn’t come with those typical features.

In any case, the FCC has taken a good, long look at the SGH-P906 from Samsung, made it jump through some hoops, and in the end, decided to approve the somewhat chunky-looking clamshell.

This tri-band GSM (900/1800/1900 MHz) handset will most likely offer some music playback, thanks to the external controls it boasts on the front cover. You’ll also notice a fairly prominent digital camera on board, but we haven’t found out exactly what resolution the picture taker will be.

You should be able to read your MS Office docs on this thing, as well as filter through the text-heavy WAP universe, transfer data with EDGE, and blow it all up using the provided TV-out. They didn’t mention which carrier will be picking up the SGH-P906, so we’ll just have to wait around for any kind of pricing or launch deets.