ComboGB: slim, powerful, portable hard drive with video in mind

ComboGB: slim, powerful, portable hard drive with video in mind


This small yet powerful device might be your best friend if you’re in the habit of toting around a monster-video-showing laptop. It’s the ComboGB from WiebeTech, and it’s a hard drive that is designed for taxing tasks like high-speed, hi-def, video playback. You’ll know this by looking on the side and inspecting the ports: You get a USB 2.0, of course, but you also get two FireWire ports, a 400 and an 800.

Here’s the number you’ve been waiting for, though: It’s 7200 RPM, which is a number you’ll appreciate as you shoot, cut, and show your video.

The cables are your power source, by the way, so your computer or other portable device supplies the juice, eliminating the need for yet another cord to run an AC adapter. The drive plays nice with both Mac and Windows machines.

You’ll also appreciate the size. The ComboGB is literally small enough to fit in your pocket, measuring up at just 5.4″ tall and less than an inch thick. That’s even at the 160GB level, which is the top of the class for memory. That one will cost you a pretty penny: 51,195 of them, to be exact. The bargain-basement 60GB model (which is still a lot of space) will run you just US$286.95. Three other models run the steps up the storage ladder, in 20GB increments.