Kimura Metals unveils world’s thinnest keyboard

Kimura Metals unveils world’s thinnest keyboard


Carrying a keyboard around with you everywhere you go can be rather convenient at times, but it can certainly be awkward too. Kimura Metal, a Japanese company, wants to make it much simpler. They have unveiled the thinnest portable keyboard in the world, the eMARK Super Mobile Keyboard. It’s just 1 mm thick in most places, with bulges of up to 5 mm for the keys.

The size is nice, but what really shines is the silicone and vinyl construction. That means that you can roll it or fold it up for simple transportation. It also means that you can spill a can of Coke on it and you won’t do any damage. Handy.

The eMARK Super Mobile Keyboard also features a retractable USB cable and you can get it in either black and white. It will hit the shelves in Japan later this month for under $260. No word if it will be available anywhere else.