Hertz to abandon keys for car rentals, adopt RFID

Hertz to abandon keys for car rentals, adopt RFID


The next time you’re on vacation and you hit up the car rental, you may not have to talk to a customer service rep. In fact, you may not even be given a key. Instead, you simply make use of your RFID-enabled customer card, walk up to your car, and away you go.

The car will have been pre-selected for you. As you approach it, the installed RFID reader will pick up on your card and configure the vehicle to be linked to your RFID card. Sounds simple enough, eh?

Of course, with any discussion of RFID comes concerns about security. After all, what’s stopping someone from driving off with your car after they’ve ripped your RFID signature? But hey, Hertz could save mundo bucks with this as they wouldn’t need as many employees.

They’re testing the technology with 10 Renault Megane cars in France (Nice Cote d’Azur Airport) with a group of 60 frequent Hertz customers. We’ll let you know how it turns out.