Zune to be $299, have crippled WiFi abilities

Zune to be $299, have crippled WiFi abilities


As Microsoft gears up to face off against Apple on yet another front, more details are starting to emerge surrounding the potentially lucrative Zune project. Destined to give the iPod (and Steve Jobs) a run for its money, the Zune is now said to not have the full Wi-Fi capabilities we once thought it would.

Instead of being able to directly download songs through the air, it simply bookmarks tracks shared through WiFi to remind you to download (buy) them later from a regular ol’ PC. At least that’s how the initial model will likely run, although future editions of the Zune may have true WiFi downloads.

Perhaps the crippled WiFi is one of the reasons that the Zune may retail for cheaper than previously predicted. Early reports had it selling for $399, but now it seems that it is more likely that the Zune will be $299, the same price as the 30GB iPod Video. We also hear that the Zune will be offered in three colors, though they’re not saying which three.