SuperTooth II allows hands-free chatting while driving

SuperTooth II allows hands-free chatting while driving


More and more states are passing laws forbidding handheld cell phone conversations while driving. If you have the SuperTooth II, you don’t have to worry about that.

It’s the latest offering from Bluetooth specialist Blue Ant, and it’s designed to let you talk on the phone while you’re driving but keep both hands on the wheel. The SuperTooth II clips on to your vehicle’s sun visor, meaning that it’s eminently portable. It has just two buttons — Talk and Volume Control — and the speaker is big and sensitive, so you won’t have to lean into it to hear or be heard.

If you’re planning a long road trip and you want to chat with your friends or family for a long time, don’t worry. The battery offers 20 hours of talk time between charges.

It’s only US$130, too. Check it out here.