Remote-controlled Mario is fun, not all that nimble

Remote-controlled Mario is fun, not all that nimble


While it may not quite be as manueverable and exciting as the flying remote controlled car we reported on yesterday, this gadget definitely has a certain appeal to it that simply cannot be matched by sheer technology alone. It might be fun to control everyone’s favorite plumber on a TV screen, but what if you could get the real deal and tell it where to go?

Well, here it is: an R/C Mario. Complete with a classic Famicon controller (the Japanese version of the Nintendo Entertainment System), the little mini robot walks around “when you mash on the joypad”. Based on the video below, his movement isn’t quite as quick and nimble as in the popular video game, but it’s pretty exciting nonetheless.

While Mario has no problem walking forwards and backwards, this mini bot variant isn’t quite ready to shoot fireballs (despite what the white hat may indicate). But hey, he’s cheap: only $16.90 from Brando. There’s also a Toad, if you have a thing for Princess Peach’s servant boy.