Rabbit ears aren’t just for old TVs

Rabbit ears aren’t just for old TVs


Rabbit ears are for TV reception, right? Not always.

A French company has come up with a plastic rabbit that talks to you in a Wi-Fi sort of way, reading emails, SMS transmissions, traffic updates, sports scores and all manner of other Internet-related information. The hard part is remembering the rabbit’s name. It’s Nabaztag, which is Armenian for “rabbit.” (The creator is Armenian, so that’s what he called it. You can call it anything you like, including incredible.)

Nabaztag’s 9-inch-tall body lights up when it speaks or sings (another one of its talents). It also has the power to wiggle its ears. All of this is predicated, however, on your home’s Wi-Fi network capabilities.

So far, 50,000 of the little rabbits have been sold in France, Belgium, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom. They should be available in the U.S. and Canada soon, and the American price will be US$150.