No more gas cap for Ford in 2008

No more gas cap for Ford in 2008


Have you ever forgotten to screw your gas cap back on after filling up at the pump? Or maybe you’re one of the types that don’t do the full three clicks that carmakers insist you should do? In any case, Ford is hoping to abandon the conventional gas cap in 2008, replacing it with what they call the “Capless Fuel Filler.”

The plan is to throw this capless wonder in the 2008 Ford GT and Lincoln MKS initially, see how it fares in the real world, get some feedback from the public, and then deploy the technology on other models in the future.

The Capless Fuel Filler prevents gas fumes from escaping and maintains the proper pressure needed to avoid a Check Engine Light. They’re saying that this is just one of the “tangible example[s] of how Ford is developing innovative product solutions to satisfy the unmet needs of consumers.”

Right. Let’s just hope this isn’t yet another “innovation” that furthers the “Found On Road Dead” or “Fixed Or Repaired Daily” stereotypes.