Jukebox Station gives your iPod some groovy character

Jukebox Station gives your iPod some groovy character


If your iPod is too small and subtle for your design tastes, then maybe you need a Jukebox Station for your living room. It is a docking station for your iPod with all the bright lights and old style feel of a classic jukebox. Besides the ability to dock your iPod, the Jukebox Station also has a CD player and FM radio, along with the ability to hook your video iPod or other video player up to your TV with S-Video or composite outputs.

You should have no problem hearing the music playing on your Station. It can crank out 72 watts via two magnetically shielded tweeters, two midrange drivers and a six inch sub. It can all be controlled with an infrared remote, and you can lock the cabinet if you don’t trust your friends not to lift your iPod when you aren’t looking.

It might look like a big unit, but it is actually quite mini: at only 3 feet tall, the Jukebox Station is much smaller than the one the kids danced to in Happy Days. Look for it at Target this October with an asking price of $699.