Hannspree dials in with 12-inch “time square” LCD

Hannspree dials in with 12-inch “time square” LCD


Getting an LCD TV these days is an awful lot cheaper than it used to be, and manufacturers seemingly have to do more than simply improve picture quality to grab your attention. Hannspree has always had some rather innovative designs, and today is no different as they unveil the “Hanns time square”, a 12-inch LCD with some extra sports-styled dials you don’t normally see on a TV.

The stereo speakers swing out from the sides, covered in rubber and metal — this results in a “hug me” kind of look — but what really makes this television different from the rest of the crowd is what you find on the back of those speakers. Simply flip it all the way around to the front, and you’ll find a working clock, thermometer and hygrometer. A little extra functionality to keep you informed on the time, temperature and humidity.

The Hanns times square is capable of resolutions up to 800 x 600, with a 400:1 contrast ratio and 130-degree viewing angle.