Volkswagen Phaeton Lounge: World’s first 4WD limo

Volkswagen Phaeton Lounge: World’s first 4WD limo


Remember when Volkswagen used to be a sensible, conservative brand? This latest vehicle from the company definitely departs from that philosophy.

This new Phaeton Lounge stretch limo, a product of Volkswagen Individual, the company’s in-house customizer, is the world’s first four-wheel-drive limo. That means it’s the perfect vehicle for when you need luxury and comfort, but you are worried about getting stuck in the mud or snow. The car is 22 feet long and designed to carry around six passengers.

Under the hood are 12 cylinders and 420 horsepower, but the real treats are inside. The floorboards are all wood, separated by aluminum strips, just as you’d see on a yacht. There are individually-adjusting seats and footrests. Snacks? It has a 12 liter refrigerator, a minibar and even a humidor, because nothing ruins a ride in a limo like a dry cigar.

On the electronics front, there are two 17” displays so everyone can easily see the shows you play on the complete DVD entertainment system. The PC is hidden, but it is there, complete with mobile internet and a mess of Bluetooth peripherals.