Sony S2 Sports Walkman – tiny workout helper

Sony S2 Sports Walkman – tiny workout helper


The Walkman first came from Sony 22 years ago, and they have certainly changed over the years, but they just keep appearing. The latest is the Sony S2 Sports Walkman. It looks like a tube of lipstick and is designed to help you work out more effectively.

Coming in either a 1GB or 2GB capacity, the S2 weighs just one ounce and comes with an armband, so you won’t even notice it. The aluminum case is durable and water-resistant, so you won’t kill it with your sweat.

Besides the tunes in all the formats you would expect, the player also has an FM tuner so you can work out to your favorite radio station. You can even tune into the TV in the gym so you can actually hear what you are watching. G-Sensor technology will select a playlist based on your speed, tempo and acceleration.

The rechargeable battery in the player has a life of 18 hours, but the impressive thing is that a 3 minute charge gives you 3 hours of life, so even if you forget until the last minute to charge it, you don’t have to do without music.

Both players will be available in September for $120 and $150 for the 1GB and 2GB versions, respectively.