Sony Ericsson unveils blog-ready K618 candybar

Sony Ericsson unveils blog-ready K618 candybar


On the surface, the K618 candybar may appear to be just any other cell phone rolling off of the Sony Ericsson assembly line, but if you delve a little deeper, you’ll discover that it comes with a little something extra. The 2.0 megapixel camera is great with its 2.5x digital zoom and video recording, but the coolest part is that you can use the included Mobile Blogger application to directly post spur-of-the-moment snapshots on your blog site.

The rest of the features aren’t the most exciting, but they’ll certainly keep you in tune with the rest of your tech savvy friends. The 1.7-inch TFT LCD display looks vibrant as always, the UMTS connectivity will fulfill your high-speed data needs, and the integrated music player will keep your head bobbing to your library of MP3s.

Look under the hood and discover an included 256MB M2 card (it’ll support cards of up to one gig, sold separately of course). Rounding out the features are Bluetooth EDR, push email, an HTML full browser, and USB 2.0. No mention of pricing, but the Sony Ericsson K618 is expected to hit shelves in Q3 “in select markets.”