Skype and iSkoot are going mobile

Skype and iSkoot are going mobile


Skype is hitting the road. Skype will be working with iSkoot to market an application that will put Skype contact lists, VoIP and instant messaging services on high end mobile phones. The two companies will first market the application to mobile operators who could offer the iSkoot services to their customers. Ultimately, they will also market to handset manufacturers who could preload the application.

Just like if you were in front of your PC, iSkoot shows you which of your friends are online and lets you set your status however you want. When you want to make a call, you just pick a contact from your list and the phone will dial an iSkoot gateway server via a regular cellular call. The gateway then transfers the call to the Skype VoIP system and you’re in business.

As you probably expect, the call is free to a PC, and charged through SkypeOut if it is to a phone. To receive calls you will need SkypeOut credits.

iSkoot will be attractive for providers as it is a way they can monetize VoIP. Landline providers will be less thrilled.