Robonova robot army walks, flips, dances

Robonova robot army walks, flips, dances


Ally McBeal may have had a dancing baby, but you can now get your hands on a much more techie version in the form of the Robonova robot. While a pre-made model is available, you can also choose to build it yourself, in 6 to 8 hours, using nothing more than a simple screwdriver. They say this is great for beginners to “understand the principles of a robot”.

According to the manufacturer, Robonova can perform a lot of crazy manuevers. Sure, it can walk and run, but have you ever seen a robot do flips, cartwheels, and even dance moves? Robonova can. Standing 12-inches tall and weighing 1.3kg, it is controlled with 16 HSR-8498HB digital servos.

To take the reigns of this dancing robot, simply make use of a Bluetooth controller, R/C transmitter or receiver. It takes about an hour of charging on the 6.0V NiMh battery to get about an hour’s worth of play with Robonova. No word on pricing, but they have already shipped “more than 10,000 [units to] developed countries like USA”.