Mobile Edge SecurePack: no exterior zippers

Mobile Edge SecurePack: no exterior zippers


If you’re paranoid about backpack security, then the Mobile Edge SecurePack may be just the thing for you. The concern is that bad guys will open a zipper on your pack while you aren’t looking and slide out your iPod or laptop or something else you don’t want to lose. With this new pack, they can’t.

There are no zippers on the outside of the pack and no way to access the inside at all. The access points for the pack are all against your back when you are wearing it.

Despite the unique design, the pack is very spacious. It is big enough to carry around a 17-inch laptop and everything you need to go with it. It has its own pocket for a music player and a pass through slot for the headphones.

The Mobile Edge SecurePack is all padded and ergonomic so that you don’t wreck your back for the sake of security. It comes in a basic black with a yellow trim, or in an urban camouflage for all you downtown commandos. Price is set at $80.