Levi’s iPod jeans: musical pants

Levi’s iPod jeans: musical pants


To a certain extent, Levi’s is a brand synonymous with success and widespread availability. So, too, is the iPod. The latest in accessories for the eponymous MP3 player is an item of clothing from Levi Strauss itself.

The RedWire FLX jeans are specially made with the iPod in mind, with an MP3 player cradle and red strap built inside the side pocket. Plug the iPod into the strap and use the control pad in the watch pocket to choose your tunes and your volume.

A pair of adjustable earbuds is thrown in, but Levi’s won’t include the iPod. You’ll have to buy that yourself.

Followers of the iPod fashion market will be familiar with this product: It was announced back in January. However, photos don’t make them available now. The jeans-maker predicts that the product will be on store shelves sometime this fall. They do know the price tag, though: US$250.