JVC Clavia RC-A1 compact Hi-Fi stereo loves DAPs

JVC Clavia RC-A1 compact Hi-Fi stereo loves DAPs


We may not see anything under their Victor brand on this side of the Pacific, but JVC is always a making a big splash in their home Japan using that moniker. Today, we turn to a new compact Hi-Fi stereo from the company that sports understated elegance, color-changing display, and much love for everyone’s digital audio players (and not just Apple’s).

While it seems like every accessory maker on the planet is releasing some form of an iPod speaker dock, JVC Victor has taken a different route. The affordable Clavia RC-A1 compact stereo has a simple line-in jack featured right on the front, allowing you to connect just about any audio source you’d like. Of course, they’d prefer if you plugged in one of their own MP3 players.

The RC-A1 plays CDs, but it’s also showing love for MDs and cassette tapes. And like much of their car audio line, the display can change backlight colors to best suit your mood. No word on pricing, but this is likely a Japan-only release, at least for now.