Improve your golf game with Caddy Aid PDA

Improve your golf game with Caddy Aid PDA


You might not start scoring holes-in-one, but this PDA is aimed at improving your golf game all the same.

It’s the Caddy Aid PDA, and it’s a golfing encyclopedia you can take with you on the greens and fairways. It has standard distance guides and local golf rules, which you can use to plan your strategy hole-by-hole.

You’ll appreciate the real-time aerial images of the course you’re playing, courtesy of the built-in GPS functionality. An amazing add-on is low-level flyovers, TV-style, that you can watch again and again (provided that you can put up with the ads included).

Keeping with the golf theme, the Caddy Aid PDA is a little on the expensive side, coming in at US$725.