Fuji xD-Picture Card now rocking 2GB of space

Fuji xD-Picture Card now rocking 2GB of space


As cameras hit the market with more megapixels and higher-resolution video recording capabilities, the set of memory cards available need to catch up, so that you can still store the same number of pictures that you’re accustomed to (or more). We’re seeing multi-gigabyte versions of Compact Flash and Secure Digital cards, and now the people at Fujifilm are trying to catch up with the announcement of a 2GB rendition of their propriety xD-Picture Card format.

Physically, nothing changes. So the XD-Picture Card is as fast and lightweight as it’s ever been. With 2GB of space, though, you’ll now be able to store 1,640 pictures on your 5-megapixel camera. That’s a lot of family photos. If movies are more your thing, then you’ll be happy to know that you’ll be able to stash almost an hour (58 minutes) of 320 x 240 video on this card.

We have yet to hear anything about a price point, but we’ll be finding out soon enough, because the 2GB Fuji xD-Picture Card is scheduled to hit shelves this September.