FCC says a-okay to LG L600V musicphone

FCC says a-okay to LG L600V musicphone


The musicphone gods are raining down plenty of presents these days, and this time we turn to Korea’s second largest handset maker for their latest offering. Destined for our shores at some point in the future is the L600V from LG, a clearly music-centric mobile phone that recently jumped through a few hoops at the FCC, and got itself a pretty little stamp of approval.

It’s a little strange that it’s sporting Vodafone badging, but we’ll let that slide for now. The LG L600V is a 3G (UMTS) clamshell that operates over GSM frequencies and comes complete with music controls on the front to keep the tunes going. Much of its features, while they would have wowed us before, are quite the standard fare these days. You’ll find an integrated camera that also does video, a microSD card for all your expansion needs, and Bluetooth technology so you can do your wireless dance.

There’s no mention of any specific carrier picking this up, so we’ll just have to wait and see about availability and pricing.