Color customization with DS Lite replacement shells

Color customization with DS Lite replacement shells


If you’re like me, you love your Nintendo DS Lite. You love hucking those red shells in Mario Kart DS, performing life-saving surgery in Trauma Center, and hitting the links in True Swing Golf. But don’t you hate it that everyone (if you’re in North America, anyways) is rocking same tired Polar White? You’ll soon be able to do some color customization to your DS Lite, though, thanks to a slew of “replacement shells” from Xtreme Enterprises.

These “replacement shells” change the complete look of your DS Lite, not only swapping out the exterior casing, but those L and R trigger buttons as well.

The known colors thus far include Astro Yellow, Dynamic Red, Dreamy Blue, Cool Black, Ivory White (why bother?), and — the one that I’m most excited about — Strat Clear. And there seem to be even more colors coming down the chute.

We haven’t heard anything about pricing yet, but they should be a lot cheaper than the premium you’d pay on importing a different colored unit from overseas.