BMW equips 2007 X5 SUV with heads-up display

BMW equips 2007 X5 SUV with heads-up display


If you’re in the market for a new upscale SUV, the all-new 2007 BMW X5 may be among the top of your list. The German automaker has tweaked the vehicle just a touch, but the most noticeable feature is a heads-up display that projects pertinent information on the windshield. Available as an option, the HUD (too many first-person shooters for me) shows road speed, navigation instructions, speed control data and warnings at a “very convenient ergonomic position.”

Other safety and convenience features include speed-sensitive Active Steering, Park Distance Control, and a backup camera that “facilitates parking manuevers especially in confined areas or places with poor visibility.”

On the performance side of things, you can go for the basic 3.0L inline six for 260hp or up the ante to a 4.8L V8 unit capable of developing 350hp. The double wishbone suspension in the front is complemented by the IV rear suspension, and the rack-and-pinion steering with variable transmission ratio aids in handling. The 2007 BMW X5 is a little bigger than the outgoing version with an extra 7.4-inches added to its length.