2007 Atomic Orange Corvette for $70k

2007 Atomic Orange Corvette for $70k


The Z06 Chevrolet Corvette is selling like hotcakes and for good reason. No car in its price range offers that much power and handling ability, albeit with a less than fantastic interior. Chevy knows a success when they see it, and as such, they’re bumping up the prices on the 2007 Corvette by $4,300. Their excuse is a larger glove box. Right, because the glove compartment costs four grand.

Well, that’s not the only change that the 07 Corvette is receiving. OnStar will now be available as an option, and they’re throwing in what they call “improved interior acoustics.” That could mean a little extra sound deadening material in the doors and such (Dynamat is expensive, you know).

Moreover, if the current selection of paint jobs doesn’t tickle your fancy, you can get an 07 Vette in “Atomic Orange Metallic”, a color that some describe as the bastard child of ketchup and mustard… I’ll leave that up to you (and your banker) to decide as you plop down $70,000 on this beast of a vehicle.