Wireless DJ: Logitech’s remotely superior jam session

Wireless DJ: Logitech’s remotely superior jam session


Logitech enters the ever-crowding waters of the wireless music system market with the Wireless DJ, a simple yet effective means of transmitting digital music all around the house.

MP3s, AACs, WMAs, and podcasts can all be broadcast through your home stereo system. Just plunk the player down on the dock, hook it up to your PC’s USB port, and away you go.

You can go anywhere and still have control, with the Wireless DJ Remote, at a range of up to 150 feet. The remote is impressive in itself, with its scroll wheel functionality that mimics the MP3 player interface. You can also add songs to the playlist without interrupting the musical flow.

The dock and remote combo is a little pricey: US$249, to be exact. Check back at the Logitech website next month.