T-qualizer: A mood shirt for your music

T-qualizer: A mood shirt for your music


Every Pink Floyd fan should have one of these.

This shirt has to be seen—and worn—to be believed. It’s called the T-Qualizer, and it is a living, breathing entity all its own. Wear this shirt near streaming music and watch the fun begin. The red and yellow lights change positions, mimicking an equalizer, keeping time to the tunes.

You’ll have to be careful when you put this baby in the wash, though, because the AAA battery-powered Electro Luminescence panel that makes it all go is likely sensitive to hot water and definitely hostile to tumble dry. You’ll need four of those batteries to make it go, and you can pick up a shirt here. It will set you back just under 20 pounds; for those of you following along in the U.S., that’s just over US$38.

Shine on you, Crazy Diamond.