Sprint to invest heavily in WiMax

Sprint to invest heavily in WiMax


Sprint has chosen WiMax as their future high speed wireless technology, and they have opened up their wallets to make it work. The company will be spending up to $3 billion over the next two years to develop the network.

The timeline is tight so that the company can maximize the growth opportunities that the technology will present. They hope to have market trials in place by the end of 2007. If all goes according to plan, more than 100 million people will have access to WiMax services by 2008. They will spend $1 billion in 2007 and $1.5 to $2 billion the next year.

Sprint won’t be working alone on this venture; the plan involves teaming up with Motorola, Samsung and Intel Corp. Motorola will provide infrastructure and devices, Intel will develop laptop and computer technology, and Samsung will get the biggest of the spend, providing infrastructure and devices as well.

If there is a loser in this development, it is Qualcomm. Sprint rejected their Flarion technology in favor of WiMax. Qualcomm does own some patents which are key to WiMax, though.