Sony announces Skype-ready mylo personal communicator

Sony announces Skype-ready mylo personal communicator


What do you do when you cross a PSP with a SideKick? That question has now been answered with the unveiling of the Sony mylo personal communicator, a Skype-capable handheld that throws in tons of multimedia functionality.

In addition to using its included 802.11b connectivity for Skype calls, you can hop on the internet using a full-featured Opera browser, chat it up on Google Talk or Yahoo! Messenger, and send emails while on the go. The slide-out QWERTY keypad makes text entry a breeze.

The built-in media player rocks out MPEG-4 videos and digital audio, and you can even browse your photo album while jamming away to your tunes (which you can stream to other mylo users in the area). Key specs include 1GB of flash memory, Memory Stick Pro Duo expansion, and a 2.4-inch LCD (320×240).

The lack of a cellular radio hurts the mylo (“my life online”), but what it means is that all the services it offers are completely free: no need for a contract, monthly service fees, or anything of that sort. Expect the Sony mylo personal communicator to hit shelves next month with an asking price of $350.

Gizmodo video review here.